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There lived a creature named Light and another creature named Terror.
  Light always appears in the day and is a peaceful creature that spreads healings, assurance, good lucks and other goodness.
  Terror was dark, wicked and appears in the night to spreads fear, misfortunes, tears and other bad things.
Terror and Light never saw each other but knew about the other.
  But Terror started to grow more evil and fearless as the days goes by and started staying till after dusk by a few hours then more, then disappearing anytime it pleases and appearing day and night whenever it wants.
  When Light heard about this; it tried to assure the people saying- “thou shall not be afraid of the terror that flies by night or day for it shall not come neigh the” but the people got more terrified as their kinds got more oppressed, ill-lucked and killed even in broad day light.
  Light saw this and got upset: Light sort and thought for a while and then made a decision- “there is nothing new under the sun” it thought. So, with a fierce face: Light stormed out during the night when it was sure that Terror would be out and waited high up in the air for it. 
  Terror once again came out boldly and when it sighted Light it paused for a while then grinned and headed in a rush towards Light.
  Light let a breath out and headed for Terror…
They collided.
Light and Terror fought and fought for days, months, years and decades.
The people would rejoice as they would experience Light sometimes but then when Terror hits they would experience darkness and suffering.
  This went on for so long as neither Light nor Terror would give up.
  Then a new generation came into existence spread hope, reliefs and gladness: then one day one of they came out with a plan and told everyone that they should device ways to help Light win the battle.
  And so, they would parade all day with happiness, jokes and survival's spirit whenever Terror tries to overshadow.
  Terror became weak and distracted wondering why he had no more effect on the people: Light took advantage of his distraction and overpowered it. Light shown so bright that when Terror looked back at it it got blinded and engulfed in it, it lost it power.
  The people cheered louder which only made Light stretch out more and brought happiness.
Light lived with the people and gave them voices, power, knowledge, Good deeds, contentment and peace.
                                THE END.