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  A newly wedded couple bought a new house and were buying every art they could lay their hands on to decorate their apartment.

  “I love this house..”
  “I just got this painting from a guy on the street” the newly wedded bride said as she walked into the new apartment.
  “The one I ordered is yet to arrive babe” the young groom said.
  “Let's hang it here”
  They removed the painting from a nylon wrap and they noticed little smokes coming out from it.
  The newly Weds were shocked and stared at each other startled.
The young groom removed the paper wrap from the painting with shaky hands and they both saw that the whole of the frame was covered with black smoke. He dropped the frame and they both started to withdraw.
  All of a sudden, they heard strange sounds coming out from every corner in the apartment. Then everything stopped, the smoke stopped coming out of the frame.
  They both jolted back.
The young bride screamed, her husband held her back as she started for the door.
  Frank then headed slowly towards the painting, he picked it up. One look at his wife- he shook the frame violently.
  Then Immediately, the smoke resumed and this time it filled the whole room fast and the distant sounds increased.
 The apartment was dark now and the newly Weds could no longer see each other. They called out each other names, and all of a sudden the noise stopped, the smoke disappeared and the apartment became as new as it was. 
The couples nowhere to be found.