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  She sits on her bed, preparing to go out; holding a mirror in front of her face and applying make up.

  A lady opens the door, carrying a wide object covered with a polythene bag: she places the polythene bag by the side of the bed; far back behind.
They both eyed each other, hissed and while she continues applying her make up the lady walks out and slams the door.
  She continued applying her make up and was silently hurling abusive words at the lady that just walked out.
She finished applying her make up and was admiring her look in the mirror, then a strange sound came on, she stopped to look around for where the sound was coming from then slowly got back to the mirror again and sighed.
  Then, from the mirror she held in front of her face; she notices a black smoke at her back and slowly turned to look at it: she freaked as she was trying to guess what was inside the polythene bag causing the scary smoke.
  She bent forward and picks up a broom and used it to poke at the bag, then slowly used the broom to uncover the piece.
  She bent slowly to study the drawing of the object in the frame.
  The strange sound came again and she jumps up and heads for the door. But struggles as she gets dragged and finally sucked into the (MASQUERADE) painting.