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  “Walahi! I just bought this (p)fainting fa…

  I dey tell you, no be small money I (p)fut am (f)por this painting, but the man give me sharp sharp e be like say him and the (p)fainting dey quarrel.
  Next week I dey go Dubai go check am (f)por another painting but this one I want look am (f)por where I go hang am (p)for my house now…
  Se anjuma.” The Hausa man hung up, drops phone and picks painting up.
  He scans wall for where to hang the frame and finally got a good spot, he hangs frame.
  “Saanu” he said to himself and smiled.
  He headed back to where he dropped his phone when all of a sudden he heard a disturbing sound.
He looks up and scans the room- the sound stopped. He gnashed his teeth, shakes head and proceeds.
  Getting to the chair he was sitting on, he saw smoke coming from the arm of the chair.
  “Maiwanan?” (What is this?) He shouted as he went closer to the chair.
  He picked a towel and starts to hit the arm of the chair where the smoke was coming from.
All of a sudden, the sound came again. Louder this time, he threw the towel in fear, picked it up again and used it to wipe his face.
  The Hausa man shook his body like a warrior and stood firmly like he is in a battlefield, a movement from the (MASQUERADE) frame he just hung made he bend down to inspect it.
He moved closer and saw black smoke coming from the four corners of the frame, he looks closely at it and the frame suddenly engulfs in smoke.
  He ran back.
The sound became more louder and disturbing.
 He grabs phone and heads for the door but the smoke spreads and drags in him, he kept struggling as the smoke draws him closer to the frame- The frame sucks the Hausa man in.
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