The Insecurities: INSECURE- CHAPTER 4

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In the night, Tunde was up watching Tolani mumble and struggle in her sleep again. He moved closer to where she was laying and tapped her once.

rape-victim“Noo..I’m begging you. Please don’t do this to me.” Tolani was still struggling in her trance.

Tunde became more worried, he tapped her again. Twice this time.

“..leave me ..stop. Leave me, stop. Stop..”

Tunde became confused.

“Is it me she is telling to leave her?” He thought.

Impatient Tunde called her name as he tapped her thrice this time.

“Leave rapist!”

Tolani almost shouted, swung her hands and startled up. She was sweating.
Tunde who just dodged his sister’s hands which almost landed on his face stared in disbelief.
Tolani looked around and her gaze rested on Tunde who was staring at her like he was looking at a ghost.

“Tunde, what?” She whispered
Tunde didn’t respond.
“Tunde..” She shook him this time.
“You.. You you were raped?”

Tolani wondered what she said in her sleep that made Tunde so sure.
She couldn’t tell her mum what happened when she got back from school because her mum was in a good mood: she got a call from Tolani’s teacher who told her that a scholarship exam will be held in the school and she advised that Tolani takes the exam confident that she will make it because Tolani does well in her academics.
Tolani had only managed to drop her bag when her mum threw the good news at her, she encouraged Tolani to take the exam because if they don’t and decide to wait till she gets to SS3: they might not get the opportunity again. Tolani agreed and didn’t want to spoil her mother’s mood so she decided to hold on to the bad news some more.

“Stop acting older than your age Tunde, I am your big sister, you are seventeen..I don’t have to tell you everything” Tolani said it as if she was reading it from a book.
“…You don’t have to tell me everything…so you were raped!” Tunde sounded so sure this time.
Tolani didn’t reply. Tunde moved closer to her and hugged her.
“Who did it?” Tunde asked.
“I don’t know” Tolani replied amidst tears.
“When did this happen?” Tunde asked still holding his sister.
“The day before yesterday..”Tolani gave in.
“The day you came back from Hawking and you said you got into a fight..” He wasn’t asking. “Where did it happen?”
“Who is the person!”
“Tunde!” She almost shouted and then hushed him.
“So, this means mum doesn’t know about it..” Tunde figured.
Tolani didn’t respond.
“Tell her.”
“I will.”
Tunde looked at his sister and was holding back his tears, she was shivering with fear.
“Sleep…” he urged her and watched as she fell asleep.

Chisom came visiting.
“Have you told your mum?” Chisom whispered as soon as they were alone in the sitting room.
“Why?” Chisom queried.
“I have not found the right time..”
“Tolaniii…”Mama Tolani called.
“Maaa!” Tolani replied and went to meet her mum who was attending to a customer outside.
“Do you know where I kept Tolu’s medical reports?” Mama Tolani asked her daughter as soon as the customer left.
“Not sure mummy, but it should be inside one of those bags or drawers in the room.
“Okay, let me go check. When you finish with your friend please come help me find it.” Mama Tolani said and entered the house.

Tolani followed her in but went back to the parlor to continue with Chisom.

“My mum was just looking for something.” She told Chisom as she sat down.
“Tolani… when will you tell her?” Chisom was trying to make eye contact with Tolani who kept avoiding her.
“See Chisom, I don’t know how to tell her, it is not a good thing that happened: she won’t take it well besides I feel a lot better already; can we just drop it?” Tolani said rushingly and looked away immediately.
“You feel? You feel? Tolani I know how you feel, you know that right? You don’t even want to make eye contacts. Tolani stop lying and…” Chisom kept quiet immediately she saw Mama Tolani walk into the sitting room.
“Tolani what is this?” Mama Tolani was holding the nylon bag with the blood stained clothes that Tolani had hid the from the night she got raped.

Tolani sat up in shock.

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