DREAMS…!!! (Poem)

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Dreams are born
Dreams are made
Some die at birth
Some live a short life
Experiencing great difficulty
In early childhood security.

Dreams were born
Dreams were made
Some died at birth
Some lived to be teenagers
Some are still alive!!
Thriving through life’s uncertainty
Wading through the odd complexity.

Oh!! My baby Dream!
Will you live?
Will you grow bigger, stronger, and healthier?
Are you real? Or are you a mere fantasy?
Will your stair case lead home?
Into the arms of him who holds my basket of roses?

You burn like fire!!
Passionately in the heart with so much desire
So brightly adorned in my inner attire
Aspiring to acquire the admired desire
Will she backfire?
Will she retire?

Hidden from obscurity for so long
See how she struggles to be born
Will she be born? Will she live?
Welled up with so much passion
For the known unknown.

Author: Queen Esta