FavourDraps: Vintages and T-Shirts

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FavourDraps T-ShirtsFavourdraps is storming in with new looks to add to it’s collection and to your wardrobe. Well, you can’t go wrong with this one as it needs no introduction, as it is your regular Packed Shirts and Vintages.

Favourdraps special touches on this shirts and vintages calls for an introduction though: they are packed and designed excellently and specially decorated like no other to suit your mood, style and various occasions.

The vintages refers to the age of it and also the style of a particular design and varies, the shirt is left with what you have to pair with it mixing the old with the new.

Favourdraps is giving you a tailored plan with new looks and making you a rocker, preparing you and bringing a change! Mission accomplished when you tuck her special Vintage and T-shirts into high waisted jeans and pair with a leather jacket and black boots or pair with a mini skirt and chunky glasses, pair with a jean jacket and jean shorts, wear with track pants and heels for a modern retro chic.

For the modern classy bros; pick or ditch the suit coat and opt for a suit vest with a pair of high waist pants, skinny pants with this look still looks vintage or mix with track pant and canvas, choose a vest with a wide collar for an early look. Feel free to mix and match pants and vests with colours. It is fun to break the rules with casual looks.

Ultimately, shopping for multiple shirts and vintages can enrich your wardrobe by virtue of it’s uniqueness, by selecting pieces filled with history, colour and life.

Pulling off a T-shirt or Vintage look can be one of the most rewarding thing in the world. Own your clothes; don’t let your clothes own you. Shop and get the best offers from FAVOURDRAPS.

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