Favourdraps: a Nigerian Collection

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favourdraps-CollectionFavourdraps is a Nigerian collection that introduces new looks and put together varieties of fabrics and styles in one piece in a sense that creates a change in your wardrobe and youthful beauty.

It is a strong wave of fashion that helps you stun in two or more different pieces in one look. It is a collection that gives you a style, brings out a style and makes it easier for you to pull it off.

FAVOURDRAPS introduces a new trend ‘Soft Touch of Ankara’, it applies a perfect amount of Ankara on your sweatshirt, sweatpants, gowns, T-shirt and a combo of Track suit.

It combines the modern youthful look with our culture (native) by making our tradition not so far, easy to wear and since it is all about cool these days the sweats and Ankara soft touches is a vibrant look that tends to satisfy youths and above in terms of modern and tradition.

Giving ANKARA that always brings glamour; it brings about ‘busy’ in a comfortable amount designed in any type of wears combined to take you anywhere hereby creating a stage for you to stand out.

FAVOURDRAPS uniquely creates a fashion sense of elegance in comfort and glamour which assists you to satisfy both worlds (modern and tradition). ‘I bet it is a whole lot of relief when we can “get more than a bird with one Stone”.

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