THIS FEELING: Music by The Chainsmokers ft Kelsea Ballerini

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THIS FEELING 🎵by The Chainsmokers ft Kelsea Ballerini.
This collaboration! This tune melts and pumps the heart.
There in a heart approving situation but every one says ‘no’ and tells you to ‘think with your head’…
“I’ll lay out all my reasons: you’ll say that I need help…”
“They tell me think with my head not that thing in my chest..”
But here an awakening that it is your life, your feelings and your fall or rise.
They won’t know. They don’t know.
Stand by what you believe and what you will live for.
That dream. That someone. That you!
“Hold on to your opinions.. ”
“If that’s really so wrong; then they don’t know what this feeling is like”.

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