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Olaniran Olalekan Joseph, popularly known as JOSSY OLOYE is a young fast-rising Instrumentalist, Gospel, Pop, Jazz and R&B Artiste that hails from the capital of OYO, Ibadan. He is passionate about singing and through his music, his deep and alluring vocals spreads motivation, praises and tells stories.

‘PRAY FOR ME’ is a heart-lifting tune that themes love, promise, long distance and the need to pray.
This is a song that breaths the emotions of love and long distances.
A man goes far away from his family and lover so he can gain wealth, work and take care of his love ones.
The singer tells us that his home: mum and dad and everyone he left back keeps calling to express their love for him to come back. But his lover won’t give him a call because she is angry he has gone far away.
He reminds us of the fact that a man must work for his food always and to ‘Pray For Him’ so he can handle it all and bring wealth home.
He reassures his lover through this song that they are going to be together, he misses her smile and with just a few more prayers -he’ll be back home with her.
Mama call say she miss mi, uhmmm
Papa call say he miss mi, uhmmm
Sister call say she miss me, ahhh
Aduke why.. don’t u give me a call?
She dey vex say have gone ..far away (x2)
 CHORUS: ..pray for me ooohh
           Pray for me..
           Pray for me ooohh oh
           Kin Kore dele
           Pray for me ooohhhh oh
           Pray for me.
As the saying goes, well man most work before him go chop (before him go chop) (x2)
Everything I do ….Aduke na to make us dey alright..
But the road is so narrow oh
Why not pray for me?
 Kin Kore dele o o
 Kin Kore dele o o
 Kin Kore walé ..
Kin Kore dele o o
Kin Kore Wale o o o
Kin Kore dele..
CHORUS:.. pray for me ooohh oh
           Pray for me..
           Pray for me ooohh oh
           Kin Kore wale..
           Pray for me ooohhh ooh
           Pray for me..
 We get to be together..
Cus we met for each other..
 We get to be together o o
We get to be together,
 Hey, I’m coming back to ur smile
Hey…just pray for me..
 ooooohh pray for me o o
 Kin Kore dele
 Kin Kore wale
 Kin kore dele
 Ah ahha ha
Will u pray… pray, pray
Duration: 4 minutes 39 seconds.
An E-BAZE Production.
A mixture of English, Pidgin and Yoruba to set your love ones that are far from you assured.
From the ‘ODARA’ & ‘FOUND ME’ crooner -here is PRAY FOR ME


Listen and download below:
Jossy Oloye-Pray for Me Cover Art