LET ME LIVE: Music?? by Rudimental and Major Laser ft ANNE MARIE & Mr Eazi

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LET ME LIVE: Music?? by Rudimental and Major Laser ft ANNE MARIE & Mr Eazi.
“Cuzs i am the one, I rule my world: nobody rule my destiny”.
If you don’t have this tune; get it now!
And be ready to merry!

This song by English drum and bass band RUDI MENTAL and Jamaican-American disc jockey trio MAJOR LAZER; Vocals from Anne Marie and Mr Eazi as the third single from RUDIMENTAL’s third studio album ‘Toast to our differences'(2019) preaches about being set free, being free and breaking free.
To let no one pull you around like a puppet on strings and that living your life according to you isn’t out of control cuzs nothing can tie you down.
ANNE MARIE yells: “why don’t you leave me alone!”
MR EAZI yells: “no be me wey I get my life!”

The song was written by Thomas Wesley Pentz, Phillip Meckseper, Jasper Helderman, Kesi Dryden, Piers Agett, Amir Amor, Leon Rolle, Cesar Ovalle Jr, Bas Van Daalen, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade & Anne Marie.

“We started this song when Mr Eazi came to London and did a session with us, we ended up changing the key and got Anne Marie to the studio which took it to a whole new level.
We then ended up sending it to our friends Major Lazer who flew to London to work with us on it.
After that, we heard LADY SMITH BLACK MANBAZO was in town and we ended up recording BVs in the middle eight.
Again, this track sums up the theme of the album ‘Toast to our differences’- we have West African, South African, British and American influences on it. It’s much fun to play this one live.” The group told CLASH MUSIC.”

“Cuzs you are the one, you rule your world; no bad man can rule your destiny!”.

Watch below on Youtube this Outstanding collaboration!