Celebrity Style Focus: Jidenna Theodore Mobisson

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Our celebrity style focus of this week is American hip hop recording artiste and producer Jidenna Theodore Mobisson popularly known as Jidenna; born May 4 1985 to an Igbo family, lived in various places in Nigeria e.g Enugu, Lagos state.

He is not just known for his award winning classical songs, he is a force to reckon with in the fashion industry, known as the Nigerian-American singer that rocks Ankara prints in his ties, suits e.t.c.

Jidenna is a Nigerian and he flaunts it every chance he gets. His unique swag is crafted with a huge leaning on Nigeria traditional Ankara prints inspiring a sense of pride in his country Nigeria.

His style is heavily inspired by the “Harlem Renaissance” with hints of traditional West Africa designs.

He breaks the hip hop known style with his own style of suits and touch of Africa’s Ankara, always gracing the red carpet with his unique extraordinary styles.

Suits, shoes, Fila hat, ties, red hats even his hair, beards, perfectly distinguished outfits and his frequent touch of Africa’s prints proves and shows that he is really and indeed a “CLASSIC MAN”.

Twitter: @goodtoxin