Celebrity Style Focus: Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu

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Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu-02This week’s celebrity style focus is Nigerian born singer, songwriter and model Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu born on the 6th of January 1989, formerly called Ricoslim now popularly known as “Ric Hassani”. He got the name ‘Ric’ from his birth name ‘Eric’ removing the letter ‘E’ and Hassani on a fresh prince of Bel-Air episode.

Ric Hassani has not not only created a niche in the music industry, he has also successfully done the same in the fashion space with his bold sense of style.

This huge fan of fashion came up with the design ideas for most of the clothes he wears, which are all made and sown in Nigeria by our local fashion designers.

Classic Western style designed with Africa prints, inspired direction Triple MG’s co-founder who advised that he should look like what he sounds like or sound like what he looks like respectively.

Ric Hassani is the real definition of Urban cool. When asked his style of music, he stated that it is “Pop African”, stating that his sense of style is reflective of his music.

Strays from the usual and defines himself as the classic African ‘Gentleman’ from Ankara jackets to matching pants to prints bow ties and colourful tye and dye shirts, his style is indeed bold and charming.

And let’s not forget his glasses, they are one statement pieces he can’t do without though medicated they are still very stylish and he considers them a style accessory.

King of prints! Obsessed with all kinds of prints fabrics Ankara and urban prints. Ric Hassani is the perfect “African Gentleman”.

RIC HASSANI: “Your love for the craft has to be greater than the struggle or else the struggle will consume you”.

Twitter: @goodtoxin