TEEN TEENAGE TEENager! The Power Age

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Are you a teenager? Are you feeling so excited about the fact? A teenager comes with a lot of changes and mostly are the consciousness to appear beautiful; beautiful outfits, beautiful shoes, beautiful hairstyles, beautiful accessories, beautiful charisma and friends.

Having an understanding parent, Perfect bonds, Discipline, Encouragements, Moral supports, And that tough love is very essential in every teenager’s life.

I mean c’mon! You can never relieve Teen age all over again; it is a good weird bye to the age. Some other phases in life can be replayed and or renewed e.g motherhood/fatherhood, even baby all over again: I mean when you get old and you need aids to cook, eat, walk e.t.c. And so teenagers needs to be in it while it lasts.

Learn. Read. Think. Love. Help. Pray. Grow. Focus. Maneuver. Explore. Express. Establish. Dream. Believe. Achieve. Cook. Inspire. Adapt. Work. Eat. Move. Sleep. Own. Watch. Create. Speak. Versatility.

This power age opens and dawns and hints the earliest and impacts the purpose and being to become in all ages.

So live it while you got it. And live it right TEENAGERs!

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