Soft But Strong

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Everything seems to be pointing out to be it, you have put all together and that is how it seems. Make sense?

I will tell you something “Get your heart ready!”.

Turns out you are now the laughing stock, you are being used to boost an ego or you have being made a fool, stupid! Or being bullied, ridiculed and mocked.
Note 1: Don’t let it drown you, get to you or shake you.
Note 2: Be so ready for it. To fire back. Ice.
Note 3: Let them say and you be like “nah, it’s not me they are talking about”.

You are probably having another crazy thought again but this just won’t disappear like all the others. Too much of a coincidence; start guessing it’s true.

Your legs are shaking,
You want to run and ask,
Scream and yell,
Run and cry,
Wondering, sobbing…

Hey! Save that for your pillow: till when you get to your room, in your quiet place; so that you can even throw up if you want to.

But you go there. ..
You go out there…
Wipe away the tears, stand firm, ignore and act blunt or cold to any scorn at you.

What you should know is that they will get tired when you are not giving them the pleasure…
Raise your head up to the sky.
Just be yourself plus Soft but Strong.

Twitter: @goodtoxin