Music… A Companion Like No Other

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Music! Lover of my soul, mother to my heart, mood with my feelings, hood with my spirit, dose for my breaks, wakes for a smile, genres for my emotions and tricks to move my body.

Music has to do with combination of sounds to sound pleasing to the ears. It is what the heart feels/where the mind is written to align with a sound and with pitches that means the highness and the lowness of a sound plus harmony which is the combination of a sound in an orderly way. And most importantly the message it delivers; one tends to enjoy listening to music more when it has a good directive. Influence plus originality and dynamics which makes every music different from the other.

A companion like no other: when stranded not really alone, comes to make the word boredom sound alien. Different genres and uncountable artists but never replaces: Sits like a best friend through mood swings and trials; an art that explores on it’s own but never changes it’s bond with you.

An art that satisfies all moods and relates with kinds of characters, love and hatred, hopes and heartbreak, angels and demons-breaking records delivering mutuality.

A common language. An art that entertains and makes all the world a stage while healing both the voice/singer and the listener.

A widespread of love. It is more than the words you hear! The voice, the words, the melody, the beat, the rap, the lyrics, the heart, the soul- an outburst from the recorded. Listen!

Hymns to send the dead… Hope to the hopeless… Comfort to the distress… Chants for the terrorists… Beats that breaks the icy… Trends for the youths… Seducing to entice… Themes for lovers… Culture in festivals… Celebrating in celebrations… Worship to God.

Connecting the world. Delivering mutuality. A pleasing vibe. An interesting sound that I can’t live without. It heals the world. IT HEALS THE WORLD. MUSIC.

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