LUCK! LUCK!! LUCK!!! Running Out of Luck?

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You wish you can nail this and turn it all around but when it is time to do so it went all south and you feel disappointed.

And there goes the soliloquized rhetorical questions: You say; “Why now?, Why not then?, What’s wrong?, What’s wrong with me?, Why does it always have to be like this?, Why can’t I just be..”. And a tear or two roll down your cheeks, so frustrated, and heartbroken.

“If I am not this I won’t be able to achieve that” and the life’s time mystery: wondering why your nature is like this..

At times we get into this moments that makes us feel like a WALKING DEAD. As if you are the only one in the world and feel like throwing in the trowel of everything including life..

I will always say this the best way to feel better in any neck choking situation in life is to imagine where you will love to see yourself in the nearest future, is to breath in and out and know that no matter what ‘the same way I will still sleep and wake up this night by faith – I will try this again in this next opportunity and accomplish it’, is to extend the goal a little into an imagination of the nearest future and picture it all good as you want it.

So. I am shouting this right now; “Get your big boy pants up!”. “Girly up!” to whatever is wrong. Fortunes don’t just lie easy. Love don’t just lie easy. The greatest successes have the greatest stories.

One day, very soon; luck will run back to you and nature will be right by your side. *It’s* crossed, *is* dotted and everything turned.

So, try not to be so downcast when the odds turns rather you should be happy and smile because there in that weakening situation lies your success and your strength and the nurturing to always be in charge.