Kids and Bicycles

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kids and bicycles

Most people still remember their first bicycle experience; all the pain they felt, the scratches, bumping into objects, the zeal that brought them up to restart the painful but yet fun time they had while learning how to ride.

Allowing our kids experience that will give them the same joy and fun memories to look back at.

However, there are features to consider in getting the right bike for your kids to ensure your child gets nothing less than fun from their first biking experience while also observing “BIKE SAFETY”.

The factors to be considered are: Your child’s weight, the bike size, the wheels of the bicycle, the hand vs coaster brake, geometry, gearing and durability.

Your kid’s bike should be sturdy and steady enough to withstand all the harshness of learning. Kids will fall, hit walls or trees and parents should be prepared for it all.

There are so many benefits of cycling for kids, A good bike will get your little one off the sofa and encourage them to explore outdoors which is not only fun but good for their health.

Also, children love cycling- it is fast and fun and gives them freedom and independence to get around also it improves their fitness, boosts their positive mental attitude, helps to relieve stress and introduces a healthy activity to one while young.

Just like bread and butter, needle and thread, skirt and blouse, kitchen and cooking, pen and paper, brother and sister; kids and bicycles are no exemption.

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