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Going on a holiday uhh?
I think you need to think again because it can actually change your entire world; believe me…

With just a snap of a finger you find your entire world’s changed and turned around on this holiday.

All of a sudden you find you self in an environment unknown; could be very tense, friendly plus unexplainable, with a tiny little diff, a tiny little gem in a corner stealing your attention and giving you that joy in this uncertain space.

And you wish the holiday would never end…

But with just a blink of an eye the holiday ended and you couldn’t pack up and all you want now is to stay cuzs you can get the opportunity you never had with your very own with this special little gem…

And then you struggled but then you finally got the words out and to your surprise it wasn’t as tough as you thought and your wishes came granted.

You find yourself watching this tiny little special attraction grow and funny enough it was like an experiment cuzs you have always wondered and asked yourself how one gets joy and blessings from diffs like this and how it even grows and yeah; answer right in front of you. Not only did you love this special gem but you got the opportunity you never had and loved this specialty as your own…

Speaking of your own: as you watch this amazing diff extend you were not left behind; falling into trouble-falling out of it, falling into hits-falling out of some, falling into life, falling into a new and newer environment, falling into different views of life, more people, more friends, more activities… and you give it a pause in the middle of everything and concluded…. wow! Going on a holiday did really change my entire life.