Do You Make New Year Resolutions?

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Wow! We are already in the second month of this beautiful year. How time flies! It was as if we just shouted ‘Happy New Year’ about a few days ago. Surely, time and tide waited for no one.

This brings us to the topic of New Year resolutions. Have you been making them? Have you been keeping them? Did you make any resolution this year? New Year resolutions are some actions or decisions you promised yourself to do on entering a new year. Some may decide to give up smoking or drinking. Others decide to work out more or give more time to their studies. Others may make a decision to work better on their relationship this year, while others may also decides to explore new grounds with respect to their careers or businesses.

I had stopped making New Year resolutions many years ago. I’m not saying making a New Year resolution is not good or bad. Making New Year resolutions is a good way to measure yourself and set goals of personal developments. I stopped making New Year resolutions because I break them hardly before the year advances. So I quit making resolutions. Nevertheless, I respect and congratulate you guys who make New Year resolutions and keep to them. You are wonderful.

One Day At A Time
Instead of making new year resolutions, I decided to make daily resolutions. Since I’m not sure of being able to keep my promise to myself for a whole year, I decide to do it in installments. I make my resolutions daily and pray for divine help to carry it through for that day. If I succeed for that day, I congratulate myself. If I failed, I encourage myself that next day will be better. At the end of the year, I might decide to evaluate myself and measure my success. You might call that cheating, but at least I’m being honest with myself.

Resolutions You Can Make This Year
If you belong to the group of people who make new year resolutions and you are yet to make any this year, there is still time to do that. Do you want to make a resolution and don’t know what resolution to make? Take a quick look at the list below, it might give you an idea.

  • Quit drinking or smoking
  • Exercise and diet more
  • Read more books
  • Watch more movies
  • Concentrate more on your job
  • Put more time into your studies
  • Work more on making your relationship better
  • Stop laziness and slothfulness
  • Be honest in your relationship
  • Show friends and families how much you care
  • Mend fences with estranged lovers, friends or families
  • Pray at least 5 minutes daily
  • Go to church at least once in a week
  • Observe good bed times
  • Join a voluntary organisation
  • Do more charitable works
  • Work more on yourself to be the person you want to be

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it sure offers a good place to start. In case you are yet to make any New Year Resolution, you can start today, and right now. This makes you a better better and more disciplined by the end of this year. I wish you all the best as you journey through this year.

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