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There is something about the MERRY-GO-ROUND or is it the swings? Just, the feeling of the wind in my hair is perfect.

The hills, the trees; going deep is daring but I’m just obsessed with anything that sweeps me off my feet. Adventure.

AdventureAnything that increases the speed of my heart beat… Whatever joy makes me in comparison to the sound of an agonized wounded man…

The water falls, the springs, the lake…whoosh! Multiple momentum of excitement, Yea! That cloud 9 feeling.

Possibly, the wind travels farther higher than the sky. ..The sky can’t be my limit. Isn’t everything we do in life taking risks? I will rather have fun while at it.

Always take a deep breath they say but I am tired of inhaling the same air for all these years… I need to go outside. And sit in my own rollercoaster.

The road looks long: Bumpy, bubbly and endless but, isn’t THAT what makes it an adventure… My ADVENTURE.